94.1% (9137)
3.2% (315)
0.8% (78)
0.4% (39)
1.5% (146)


Verified Janeen M. ()
Back for more Happy Weight

Happy Weight has become my go to for breakfast. I add some fruit & water or coconut milk. Very tasty & filling. Means I'm not reaching for the snacks mid morning! Happy Weight has helped me become more regular as well... Love it!!


Verified Kirsty D.
Back for more!

Back for more Happy Weight and Happy Tumeric. I am loving my Happy Weight shakes and my body is slowly shedding the weight. Happy Tumeric is a godsend. AFter living with a pain wracked body for so many years and it only getting worse with menopause it is so refreshing for my pain levels to drop and to lose all that inflammation in my joints. Love Happy Tumeric so much I have got my partner onto it as well!


Verified Mel ()
Feeling balanced

Am taking HH, Greens and Tumeric, have just re-ordered as I feel that these products have a balancing effect on any physical symptoms and moods and feel these products help with any deficiencies in my diet. Will be trying Happy Weight next as a boost to keep my weight stabilised. Thanks for the great natural products.


Verified Jennifer C. ()
Thumbs Up - Happy Weight

I've just ordered my second Happy Weight. I have been replacing 4 evening meals each week with the product and even with family eating around me, I've not been tempted. Already seeing the results. Thank you.


Verified belinda ()
Addicted to being healthy!

I have tried the greens liquid which I love- this with the Liva cleanse in my happy weight smoothie every morning keeps me full of energy, and I really notice my low energy when I dont take it. I highly recommend!