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1.5% (151)


Verified belinda ()
Addicted to being healthy!

I have tried the greens liquid which I love- this with the Liva cleanse in my happy weight smoothie every morning keeps me full of energy, and I really notice my low energy when I dont take it. I highly recommend!


Verified Anne-Marie ()
Happy weight powder

I have been using the vanilla happy weight for a few months I love how easy it is to prepare and take to work and the flavour is amazing


Verified Sally H. ()
Happy Greens

On my second bottle of Healthy Greens. I like the unusual taste and have been taking am and pm when I remember. I find it’s cleansed my system and is helping with weight loss. I also use happy weight powder in smoothies, which is a great option when I work late and don’t want to cook.


Verified Jodie ()

Taking the tablets has become a daily habit. I feel it by the afternoon if I have missed a dose. Whether it's all in mind or not, I feel better for taking HH. I have run out of Happy weight & miss having it in the morning so I will have to get onto ordering it.


Verified Tess ()
HHY changed my life!

I had been suffering with headaches and had been diagnosed with PMDD. My MIL raved about your products for years and I have to admit I was sceptical. I have a smoothie every morning using HH, happy weight, greens, turmeric, fibre klenz, and I used Liv'a for the first month. I know it said to give it 3 months to feel the difference but I noticed it pretty much straight away. I rarely have headaches anymore, I am not a raging lunatic the week before my period, I've lost some weight and I am feeling a lot healthier. I have 'added' to my diet instead of taking away and now i dont crave unhealthy food so much either. Thank you HHY, you've helped me make positive changes.