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Verified Anita C. ()
Absolutely amazing

I have been taking HH for a few years now but the addition of Happy Liver & Happy Calm has just been wonderful. I am now only having hot flushes & night sweats a few times now instead of all night! Just amazing!


Verified Denise B.
Happy Liver Happy Me

Hello, well all I can say is a huge thank you. Last year I had poor results with my liver tests and after taking Happy Hormones I thought I could only give Happy Liver a try. Well I just got my latest liver test back and they results showed a great result and my doctor was very very pleased. I can only put it down to Happy Liver and I will continue to use it, do you ever have specials or discount codes to your regular customers I am not able to afford multiple bottles. Thanks heaps for a great product.


Verified Felicity T. ()
Happy Purchaser

Very Happy after years of not being able to find anything that works after 4 weeks of trying these I have finally found something that brings me some relief from menopause symptoms that I’ve experienced hell from for the last 10 years. For the first few days I experienced headaches but after messaging support I lowered the dosage for a week or so & they went now on 2 x twice a day and I’m feeling awesome. Also taking Happy Tumeric Happy Liver Happy Calm for mood 🤩


Melissa ()
Happy Liver

Happy Liver tablets have worked amazingly. Now after taking HL l understand what an important role the liver plays , especially with good gut bacteria. I used to overeat and feel bloated . But now I’m listening to my body more and understanding my digestive system as well as eating Whole Foods and the weight loss is a welcomed bonus too. It took me to the age of fifty to get it but it is never to late to learn . Happy Liver is brilliant!


Jo W. ()
Every women should take Happy Hormones

I have been taking Happy Hormones for a few years now and they are simply amazing. I feel great, I sleep well and I feel calm and centred. If I forget to take them for a few days, I feel the difference. I have just purchased Happy Liver to help with some bloating. Love these products