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Verified Ally H. ()
Happy is the operative word

I have been using the Happy Hormones for about a month and I have noticed a significant decrease in my menopausal symptoms. I take 4 in the morning every day and rarely have an attack of the sweats, even at night! I have even been sleeping better due to the decrease in the sweat attacks at night. I would recommend these tablets to any woman who (like me) is looking for a healthier alternative to provide relief from menopause...give them a go for a month or two and see the results!


Lisa B. ()

I have just reordered my second batch of Happy Hormones. The improvements were slow but I can say that after 3 months my hot flushes and sleeplessness have improved...not gone but improved. I’ll take that as a win for now!


Verified Sheree D. ()
Happy Calm

Have been taking for about a month and wow I am sleeping through the whole night, am loving them combined with Happy Hormones!! Wonderful products


Annii D. ()
Game changer

I have suffered from sever mental health since 2001. I have been on Zoloft 100mg BID and would still have days so dark I couldn’t leave my bed. Last year losing my dad and covid with a new job interstate and being away from family I hit the worst rock bottom, it was a last minute decision to try this product as nothing has worked in 2 decades and I tried it for 2 months.. not really noticing at first about any change but my lethargy and problematic sleep patterns seemed to subtly subside. I was stuck in hotel quarantine and ran out so went without for 3 weeks and that’s when I realised how much better I had been feeling and without my happy greens and happy hormones I honestly HAND ON HEART felt the difference. The happy tumeric has helped in joint and muscle pain as my job is extremely physical. This is my routine now and I’ve halved my medication this past 2 months for the first time in 2 decades. Huge step forward for me so Thankyou with all my heart for helping me find my smile and finding a stronger version of myself and so much healthier 🐾😁 Turning 50 was a little easier!!!


Lisa ()
Fantastic products, recipes and program.

I have been using these products for approximately 4 years. I take HH, HC, HG & HT. I had all the typical menopause symptoms and felt like I was going crazy but now am breezing through with zero symptoms and sleeping well most nights. which I hadn’t done for years prior to starting HC. If you’re thinking of starting just do it and invest in your health and well-being.