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Verified Maggie H. (AU)
This stuff keeps me sane.

I have been taking the happy hormones powder now for a while. Before that I was taking the capsules. Happy hormones has been the answer to my a needs. My daughter was having a few little issues so I gave her some to try. She has now ordered some for herself as she believes at has definitely made a difference to her life. I shall be continuing to use the.powder as I believe it truly has made a positive difference in my life.


Verified Lee I. (New South Wales, AU)
Best thing ever!

Wish I had known about Happy Hormones years ago. This product has literally changed my life! Hugest thanks to my girlfriend for recommending it 💜


Belinda P. (Victoria, AU)
Happy Hormones Capsules

I didn't realise how much these capsules helped me until I went overseas for 3 weeks and wasn't taking them over this time. While taking the capsules my hot flushes had stopped completely and I was feeling so much more comfortable and able to sleep much better at night. Over the period of time I wasn't taking them the flushes returned. I now realise how much of a difference they were making and I have just ordered another 240 capsules. Thanks Happy Hormones, this is the only product I have found that genuinely helps me manage this aspect of perimenapause.


Verified Marja M. (New South Wales, AU)
Happy hormones review

I am disappointed to say that the Happy Hormones have not worked for me. I had really high hopes after a friend recommended them. I tried them for 3 weeks and the main reason I took them was for the hot flushes (I do not have mood swings or feel depressed) and they are no less frequent. I will give the rest to my friend who swears by them, shame it did not work for me.


Verified Sandy W. (Victoria, AU)
Best product for Women

I love my Happy Hormones and Happy Greens. I've been on HH for a couple of years now whilst going through menopause and I really believe it keeps me sane. My symptoms are nowhere near as severe as they used to be and it generally makes me feel energised and good within myself. I've added Happy Greens to boost my probiotics as well as extra vitamins and minerals from the greens.