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Verified Kaarin C. (New South Wales, AU)
A helping hand with perimenopause

Have been taking Happy Hormones for peri-menopause symptoms for about 4 months. Its has really helped with energy levels and night sweats. When I saw my naturopath she said the formulation was the same as she would use for a tonic.


Verified Nolly G. (Queensland, AU)
Happy Me

I started taking Happy Hormones in the powder form 10 days ago and to be honest yesterday I actually felt different. My moods seemed more stable and I feel 'lighter' and less 'foggy' in the brain. I can only think that it may be the Happy Hormones. There are several women I work with who are going through menopause, and whilst I am not menopausal, I am definitely peri-menopausal and from what these women tell me, the product has helped them. So let's see if it does the same for me! More time will tell. So far it's pretty good and I'm glad I took the step.


Verified Kim B. (Tasmania, AU)

I am on my third package of Happy Hormones. I am amazed at the difference they have made to my levels of peace and calm. I feel stable and content and my cycle is regular and light. Thanks so much for your research into this product. The only down side is that when i haven't had them for a few days i begin to get agitated/irritated easily and i know straight away that this is the direct effect of not taking the product. I highly recommend Happy Hormones.


Verified Heidi H. (Queensland, AU)
Less Hot flushes & Erratic mood swings

I’ve been taking this product for 6 months now & am so much better to live with ( according to my husband lol)! My irrational mood swings, hot flushes & bouts of depression have eased up immensely and I am happy to say that I actually like myself most days now! Thank you Happy Hormones for assisting me in getting control back over my body!


Verified Cheryl h. (New South Wales, AU)
So far working

Happy hormones , happy greens and turmeric seems to be working and helping me