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Caro ()
Happy Hormones Happy Life

I have been off Happy Hormones since level 4 lockdown in New Zealand 2020 and wow do i notice it - I cant wait to get back on it - taken a year to notice the changes but cant deal without it any longer!!!!!!!!!!! Best product ever will not go without again.


Amanda ()
No more collapsed lungs

In 2012 I suffered my first collapsed lung where I had to have a chest drain inserted. After that for almost a year I suffered collapsed lungs on a monthly basis. I underwent operations on my lung. Eventually I was diagnosed with endometriosis on my lung. I started eating a cleaner diet and taking happy hormones. The condition improved. Years later I no longer get a collapsed lung, however I have noticed that if I stop taking happy hormones for a while I start to get the symptoms back. I now try never to be without this product because it helps to keep me healthy. Thank you for inventing this product.


Verified Maureen W. ()
Happy hormones

Have only been on happy hormones for a fortnight but feel I do have a little more energy. The first couple days were wonderful then slumped into my old self again but have kept going so will see what happens. My body is probably going through a cleansing process


Bianca S.

My last 5 periods have been horrendous, can’t sleep in my bed without a towel under me despite wearing a tampon & maxi pad. Cramping that takes me back to teenage years, where you can’t get off the couch & when you do you want to vomit from pain. Only 1 month ago I decided to try happy hormones, started straight after my last period. I am now having my monthlies & I have no pain & I only have to use tampons.. nothing extra... so very happy with this product, it’s a game changer 🥰


Verified Nikki J. ()
Happy green

I have been using happy green along with happy hormones for a few months feeling the results not as bloated I have a lot more energy just love happy green