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Verified Tina (Queensland, AU)
Give it a go!!

I was going through early menopause but didn’t know it, I was depressed, having anxiety which I never had before I couldn’t eat. I was miserable. Two weeks after taking happy Hormones I’m up and out in the garden, no spaz attacks at the supermarket and I’m even back at the gym 👍😀


Verified sallyanne j. (New South Wales, AU)
Sleeping again

After months of sleeping blankets on blankets off, blankets on & off again. I decided to give this a go. I tried a very expensive alternative previously and it helped so I hoped this would help. After a few weeks I noticed that I was sleeping right thru the night without the tossing and turning and blankets been thrown around. During the day my personal summers went back to spring days and life came back to normal. I just spent 2 weeks camping in the outback and forgot my pills. It was a few days and all the personal summer returned and I was moody. Now back at home and back on my pills I am back to feeling like me again. Personal summers /hot flushes nearly over power me at times. But now they are much easier and not disturbing to my day. So happy Hormones help immensely.


Verified Carmel (Queensland, AU)
Great product

I have been taking Happy Hormones for a few years . It has helped with so many women’s problems that I have had , to now not having any. If in doubt I would recommend you give it a try.


Verified Coral (New South Wales, AU)
Top product.

I am now taking my 2nd bottle of Happy Hormones. I am very happy with the product have just ordered my 3rd bottle.


Verified Sharon N. (New South Wales, AU)
Ahhhhh thank you

Hot flushes hit hard and fast after going off the pill... after 4 days of taking happy hormones, flushes subsided and after another 2 dats, stopped completely! Life-changing...and I feel more alive weirdly! Thank you and I love my friend so much for putting me in touch with this great product! I tell everyone how great they are xxx