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Verified Nigel (Western Australia, AU)
Great Products

My wife started on the Happy Greens after a recommendation from her sister. I was already taking the Happy Tumeric. I now take both and swear by them. Happy Healthy products are not just for the girls.


Verified Jo (Western Australia, AU)
Happy Greens

I use Happy Greens along w Happy Tumeric everyday in my water w my Happy Hormones. Love the taste in water as it gives a pleasant taste to plain water. Great in a juice or smoothie too. Drink before bed at night & I noticed I sleep so much better. Love love it xx


Susanne (Queensland, AU)
Wonderful Greens

I have been taking Happy Greens for many months and would not be without it. My gut loves it and sleep is better too.


Verified Deb W.
Happy Hormones

I took a 240 tub of Happy Hormone capsules at the beginning of last year, and followed the eight week program. At the end of the 8 weeks, my hot flushes/night sweats disappeared altogether. I discontinued use and gradually my diet went downhill also. So, earlier this year decided to try again. I am now halfway through my third tub of 240 capsules (finished one and started immediately on my next one) and have found that I am still experiencing hot flushes, night sweats and problems sleeping. I do not drink alcohol or coffee, eat a mostly clean diet with a little sugar, no screen time after 7.00pm. I take probiotics and prebiotics, evening primrose oil and a mega B vitamin as well. I was making the fresh juice daily and taking it with Happy Greens and Happy Tumeric, but it seems to make little difference. Any other suggestions?


Verified Ash (Western Australia, AU)
Happy Me!

Have added Happy Greens and Happy Tumeric to my daily regime and I am very happy with the result. Both definitely assist with ovulation bloating and general fullness. I've replaced my morning coffee with my tumeric shot with green juice, and again take my happy greens at night with my magnesium. Thanks for making me feel wonderful!