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Verified Lisa (Victoria, AU)
Game changer

After being recommended by quite a few people to try Happy Hormones I finally did. I am so glad I listened to them because my mood swings, night sweats and other menopause symptoms are significantly better. I now have Happy Greens every morning too. I just feel so much better and actually in control of my health. Highly recommend.


Verified Kim (Queensland, AU)
Give it a try!

I was like so many people, lots of reading but not doing anything about it. Then I ordered HH powder and haven’t looked back. About to try the Happy Greens. The delivery is fast and efficient and support if fantastic is you need to ask questions.


Verified Cara S. (Queensland, AU)

Happy Greens ,happy me . Love how it energised I feel


Verified Jasmine D. (Queensland, AU)
Chocolate Protein Shake

I tried all the products that I was recommended to take. I can honestly say that they taste really awful. The shake is very powdery and the happy greens and turmeric liquid made me gag. I am so disappointed that i cannot drink them as they cost an awful lot of money but two, I really wanted it to work. I'm giving it low stars just more for the taste and that I cannot return them.


Verified Natalie (Western Australia, AU)
Happy Greens

Love the Happy Greens, great product for balancing hormones and beneficial for the gut. A good all rounder.