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Verified T S. ()
Happy Greens

Happy Greens helps my digestion & reduces bloating. I mix it with Happy Tumeric in a wine glass with water & an ice cube at night. Feels like Iโ€™m having a wine ๐Ÿ˜‰


Tania B. ()
Happy Greens

I've been taking Happy Greens for around 2 weeks now & I've noticed that I'm much happier & productive on happy greens! Now I'm always quite sceptical that these types of things will work (so its not the placebo effect). I can highly recommend this product. The taste is not pleasant, but its nothing you can't stand either. I take a 15ml shot every morning followed quickly by a swallow of coffee, all good.


Verified Lea S. ()
Happy greens

Have started again taking the HH and happy greens. Thought I was done with menopause. WRONG. Migraines came back, hot flushes came back. Things have settled down again. Was getting a migraine at least once a week and hot flushes every night. Wonโ€™t be stopping it again.


Claudia ()
The greens work !

Been taking Happy Hormones for 2years amazing results.. I thought I would try the Happy Greens as I do get bloating. Wow only been 1month and I can see and feel the results... no bloating, feel great and my jeans feel good on all day ๐Ÿ˜Œ Just reordered !


Rawena T. ()
Very Happy

In perimenopause and feeling almost normal again. Ordering my second round, 240 caps this time and another Happy Greens, yes it doesnt taste great but it's only for 2 seconds and the benefits outweigh the taste!