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Nikki ()
Game changer

I’ve ha great results with HH so I thought it’s time to give happy calm a go


Caitlin R. ()
Fast shipping!!

Wow I wasn't excepting to get my order so soon! Ordered on a Tuesday and received it that Friday (and I'm in New Zealand)! Have only been taking this, along with Happy Greens for a couple days now, I can't wait to see some results!


Tracy B. ()
More settled and rested

I was about to go on HRT as I had tried a lot of natural products. I purchased Happy Hormones not expecting much and wow! My hot flushes have decreased by 90%. I am in a deeper sleep at night and don’t wake up as much during the night. So happy . Going to buy the Happy Calm now so I get an even better sleep. 10 out of 10


Verified Michelle H. ()
Love Happy Calm

I started using happy Calm December last year and will never look back It’s helped my anxiety and the heart palpitations a lot and sleep a lot better too I’m so glad there is such a great product out there now that is natural Keep up the great work Jeff 🙏


Verified Regina S. ()
Extra energy

Great product. I have extra energy. I’m a busy mum of 3 who works full time. I feel it gives me a boost. I definitely feel better since taking it. I take happy greens as well so not sure which one is giving me the greatest boost.