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Stephanie F. ()
Happy bladder really works

Have been using happy bladder for awhile now, it definitely helps & would always recommend


Verified Dianne ()
A restorative night's sleep

I have started my first lot of "Happy Calm" tablets. I have been taking "Happy Bladder" for a year. The combination of both provides me with A restorative night's sleep, including the ability to return to sleep if I wake up an hour or so before my regular waking time.


Ursula B. ()

Happy Hormones, Happy Calm, Happy Bladder and Happy Liver are my daily supplements that have helped me for some time now with alleviating my menopausal symptoms. In a world where there doesn't seem too many options these are the beacon on light!


Michelle J. ()

Finishing only my first bottle of Happy Bladder and hey - YES! - there IS a difference. One of the lovely leftovers from menopause (for me) was urge-incontinence. So despite having strong pelvic floors; exercising; a healthy weight etc I would experience a sudden urge to go to the bathroom. I only realised over the weekend (after a 10km walk) that I hadn't needed to rush to a toilet and when I thought further about it, there has been a definite decrease in feeling like "uh-oh". Just ordered my next 3 bottles as if this product continues to work, I'd so much rather take this than the never ending pills etc., that get prescribed.


Verified Susan ()
Happy bladder is a fantastic product - it really does work

Before taking Happy Bladder I would get up several times throughout the night and now I hardly get up at all during the night. Has made such a difference to my life ! It has even helped with my frequency throughout the day. Would highly recommend to anybody having the same issues.