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Verified Debbie (Queensland, AU)
Fantastic product

HH has given me back some normalty. My hot flushes are under control & mood swings are no longer a thing. Love, love, love it!!


Verified Elizabeth E. (Victoria, AU)
Happy Hormone capsules

I was taking the capsules a while back and they helped my through a really tough time, things got better (or so I thought) and I stopped taking but I have come to the realization that all is not well within me so back I come to this awesome product. I can't wait for them to arrive so I can start getting my health back on track and hopefully ease this hot flushes :-)


Verified Emma O. (Victoria, AU)
Great products

I have been using Happy Hormones for over a year now and it has made a huge difference. Adding Happy Weight and Happy Greens to my regime has further complemented my health. Ive lost weight, my cholesterol is lower and I have more energy. Definitely recommend their products.


Verified Kim (Victoria, AU)
Never Felt Better

I have only had one course so far of HH, just ordered my second and I can honestly say that I have never felt better. I had lap banding 10 yrs ago and since then never been regular, I also have osteo in my right hip and the pain to sleep was awful and I was living on panadol osteo. Since taking HH capsules, tumeric and green juice I have taken panadol osteo once and only once. I go to the toilet everyday, it has taken away my awful bloating problem and my hot flushes have pretty much gone. I swear by this stuff, my girlfriend has been on it for ages and she would talk to me about it, wish I had of gone on it from the beginning. thank you Kim 53 years old.(the pic is of me and my mum)


Annie (AU)
life changing

I have been on Happy Hormone tablets for over a month now after ditching the HRT. Its the best thing I've done! This natural form is so much better for me personally that I'll be on it for the the rest of my life. Bloating has all but stopped and taking the Happy Bladder has been a God sent as I'm not scared to be far from a toilet now! Can't recommend this product enough, it definitely has changed my life