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Verified Lisa B. (South Australia, AU)
Happy Hormones Powder

Great product, delivery was quick, lots of aftercare help. Everyone is very helpful. Facebook group has lots of information and lots of people to answer any questions and provide so much support. If you dont do facebook they also email you.


Verified Vanessa (New South Wales, AU)
5 stars

I purchased 3 products after asking the team a question about which product would best suit my needs. I have stage 4 endo, and peri menopause symptoms. Marie responded and sent me some fantastic articles to help guide me as to back up her knowledge about the ingredients and whether it would be beneficial. So lovely to such personal service! Thankyou XX


Verified Selina R. (New South Wales, AU)
HH - super happy

I started getting hot flashes in July 2020 they were coming all through the day and waking me up at night. As well I felt cranky and was having trouble getting to sleep at night. I exercise and generally eat very well and quite aware of what's happening in my body. I had been reading about HH and decided in early September to start the program. I commenced with the HH capsules, and turmeric and greens and did the 8 week detox - I did 6 weeks quite successfully. I have now completely cut out meat, most dairy and decreased alcohol to treats on weekends ! It took about 2 weeks to start kicking in but now I have no hot flashes at all and get to sleep easily, and not feeling that particular type of crankiness ! The program has been fantastic for me and led me to be on a more plant based diet reducing inflammatory foods and realising that even one drink on weeknights can become a habitual pattern particularly during covid - that is easy to break. I am super happy and definitely recommend the HH program !!


Verified Taylor
Happy Greens

love this product helps me sleep for sure cant miss a night


Verified Jodie M. (Queensland, AU)

Made no difference sadly 😟