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Verified Stephanie (New South Wales, AU)
My trusty best friend

Once again my order came on time. Smiling at me on opening her. She makes my life normal while going through this trying time of menopause. Highly recommend her.


Verified Leanne (Victoria, AU)
Slowly does it HH

I’ve been using the powder for a few weeks now and I’m now in the pattern of taking it each day. I haven’t noticed much of a change yet, but plan on persisting. My sleep is probably more sound, but hot flushes still regular and intense. I look forward to more improvement and benefits over time.


Verified Vanessa (Queensland, AU)
HH Powder

I am 57. I have been using HH powder since November 2017. It’s life changing and I can recommend using it daily. Won’t ever go without it as it makes so much difference in my moods anxiety head foggy days and hot flushes. If you haven’t tried it but are thinking about it as I did for many many months before trying, do yourself a favour and give it a try. You will thank the day you did. 🙏🏻


Verified Tina (Queensland, AU)
Give it a go!!

I was going through early menopause but didn’t know it, I was depressed, having anxiety which I never had before I couldn’t eat. I was miserable. Two weeks after taking happy Hormones I’m up and out in the garden, no spaz attacks at the supermarket and I’m even back at the gym 👍😀


Verified Michele (New South Wales, AU)
Can’t do without them

They just help. Simple. They settle your sleep and even you out. Fantastic! I even had my foot surgeon and Anaesthetist listening intently when I was telling them all about my HH and how they helped! 😉