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Verified Narelle (Queensland, AU)
Haven’t felt this good in years!!

I have been taking Happy Hormones and Happy Greens for 2 months. I can honestly say that it is changing my life. So happy with my Happy products.


Verified Jane (Western Australia, AU)
Happy hormones capsules

My third purchase, I was having night sweats up to ten times a night and now I sleep through and no sweats during the day either. I am 50 and had sweats for about 3 months and was driving me insane, no more hot flushes :)


Verified Julie (Victoria, AU)

My first purchase for my 15 year old daughter who asked me for help as she is not coping with her hormones. Looking forward to seeing a happier 15 year old.


Verified Bridget B. (Queensland, AU)
So glad I started the HH Journey

I have been using HH for nearly 3 years. So easy to take and have no problems with the flavour. When my flushes are persistent,(sometimes 2 to 3 in an hour) I double my dose to morning and night for a few days. I tried the capsule but actually enjoyed the powder better so I have gone back to using the powder. I have learnt to live and accept the changes my body is going through and am so thankful for the support and encouragement from the HH team and knowing that I am not alone in this journey.


Verified Megan (New South Wales, AU)

Could not recommend more. Just amazing. I even put my partner (female) on them. She is medicated for anxiety and takes hers 2hrs either side. She has never been more balanced. I was having hormonal anxiety which disappeared after taking HH. True believer.